Arcade 1988 Dos Titus Interactive Puzzle based Strategic scope

Arkanoid form another perspective

In classic Breakout and Arkanoid, you bounce your balls on the paddle, to hit the walls that are above you, north of you, in the superior portion of your screen. In this game here, Titan, the perspective is a different one: the bricks that need to be broken are all around you and you can control your paddle up and down and left and right too. Thus, this is like a pseudo 3D version of Breakout, and given that its graphics are not the best ones around, you will have some trouble adjusting to the perspective in the beginning. However, once you learn the angles at which the balls bounce off your paddle, and you get a feel of the way the game needs to be played, you will find this version highly satisfying, involving and quite fun. Another plus, that at first will feel like a chore is bouncing the ball and knowing where it will land, but worry not, soon enough the trajectories will make themselves more clearly visible, so you won't have to think that it's all left to chance. So, ultimately, with Titan you get a different brand of Breakout, I'd say interesting for its novelty, but I'm not sure it's going to be fit for taking over your classic 2D brick breaking game of choice too soon. But trying it is definitely worth it.

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