Beyond the Wall of Stars

Adventure 1992 Dos Creative Multimedia Corporation Science Fiction Multimedia novel

A multimedia novel presented adventure; beautiful Sci Fi!

If you've ever been so lucky to get one of those choose your own adventure books, in your early or later teens then this CD game will present you with exactly that kind of concept. You read your way through the material, and at times you have a choice to pick a certain way to see the narrative continued. However, while a book could only do so much interactivity wise, this CD based thing had a lot more at its disposal to offer, and what it ends up offering is lots of additional content, drawings, sketches, lots of additional material that will make you so much more keenly interested in what the game has to present. Overall, the lack of proper game mechanics might not be everyone's piece of cake, but in the end, in the realm of its own genre, Beyond the Wall of Stars does a very good job, without question. So, if you like a Sci Fi novel, maybe a choose your own adventure styled interactive story, Sci Fi as well and well nuanced might be a good idea too. I certainly loved it. Similarly, download Paranoia, a Sci Fi adventure, classic adventure, not the greatest but with a few portions that will remind you of this one, namely the romance portions.

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