Burn: Cycle

Adventure 1994 Windows Philips Interactive Science Fiction Multimedia novel Movie style

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Unleash the power of CD!

Burn: Cycle is one of those bizarre interactive movies that were briefly all the rage back when the power of CD technology was unleashed upon the world. Like other such titles as Lawnmower Man and Johnny Mnemonic, it's not entirely successful in terms of actually being enjoyable or having any long term appeal, but it remains a fascinating curio that bears all the hallmarks of that distinctive period in gaming. The cyberpunk plot here is similar to the aforementioned Johnny Mnemonic, and sees you in the role of data hacker who has just managed a major theft but who has ended up infected with a virus. You thus have two hours to find a cure but also have to contend with the guys you just stole from, who are understandably annoyed. This all turns into a typical mix of action sequences and puzzles, all told via live action cut scenes and cutting edge 3D graphics, and which feels like a sort of actioned-up Myst, with several mini-games to play through. Burn: Cycle is very much a product of its time, and in terms of visuals at least, it's a good showcase for what CD technology was initially capable of. As such, it stands as good record of the period, and despite that familiar graininess, the production values shine through. The story, while unoriginal, does at least keep you hooked, with a decent script, memorable characters and solid acting (which is unusual for this sort of thing). However, in terms of gameplay, this is pretty poor stuff, with the usual mix of uninteresting mini-games and action sequences which are only briefly entertaining. Play it for its historical significance but don't expect to find a good game here.

Cure your brain from a deadly virus

Burn: Cycle is a mid 90sCD-i title that encompasses puzzle play and 3D graphics with live action footage, and it considered more of an interactive movie. The live actors that are in the game do their job very convincingly, there are a lot of puzzles involved that are original and challenging, but not too hard. The very important thing is that you have 2 hours to complete the game or you lose. Fortunately, you can get extensions of time freeze if you need it badly. The game is pretty original and interesting for a sci fi game and has very convincing and detailed 3D graphics, with also a great camera view . The music and sound effects of the game are also of high quality and very appropriate for the game at hand. All in all, we get a good game with an extremely interesting plot (similar to Neuromancer sci-fi game) which will give you the urge to continue playing and see what's next. Also, the fact that the game is time limited gives you extra challenge. Recommended!

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