Adventure 1994 Dos Mojave Science Fiction Multimedia novel

The rise from the slums of an inhospitable planet

Sometimes you get into a game with some preconceived ideas about what that game could have been, and what it actually was. Well, what I expected as this flashy mid 90s adventure, but, what I got, amazingly, was quite an interesting and personal story about this lady character that had to escape from the slums of this planet. Yep, the future is not all about self sufficiency, about the wellness of the people and about the strive for personal betterment. Nope, it's all about the capabilities of one to use himself/herself to get out of a tight situations. But, sure enough, it's an emotional story, one that sure lets you attach to it. It isn't very interactive, in the classic manner of an adventure game. It's more of a graphical novel with multiple choice points, but for all intents and purposes it works great. And, thus, it offers you a blend of elements that you will simply just love, if you love adventures in general, no matter how they are delivered. Besides, the drawing of the planet of Thalissar is really good, which is why you'll fall in love with this one for sure. Oh, and have The Longest Journey at the ready as well, just so you'll be sure to have another adventure around with just as compelling a heroine!

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