Bikez II

Action 2001 Windows Science Fiction Driving

A noir GTA like with motorbikes

Bikez II is a pretty nice motorbike game, well produced, well put together, that offers you a really interesting combination of action and bike riding. The best thing about the game though is the setting (as well as the bike designs, which, many of them, will remind you of the bikes that batman used to ride about) which is this noir, steam punk tinged, and always beautifully dark city. Sure, a bit more detail wouldn't have hurt, but, even so, as it is, the game looks fantastically nice, and is very well suited for long rides, both relaxing yet very atmospheric at the very same time. There is a bit of violence in this game too, as it contains a large 3D world, sprawling and completely interesting, and so, with that in mind, you will like it. The game will remind you of GTA due to the violence, the fact that it combines driving with some other portions and because, most of all, it is a game that is very satisfying, very well produced and very interesting, from all points of view. Download it, along with Quarantine, which is also a relatively violent game, though still a very dark one in terms of setting and style.

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