Arctic Fox

Action 1986 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Science Fiction Driving 3D action adventure

Old school FPS

Arctic Fox is one of the fist fist person shooter game in the gaming history and a very decent example of such a game. You a pilot set in the Arctic with a mission to destroy alien attackers that are trying to take over your planet. Of course, you can't let that happen. While mostly in the way of shoot everything in sight kind of gameplay, there are a few strategic elements, such as destroying important facilities that will in turn make you enemy count less and the game a bit easier. You also have to keep track of your resources, since ammo and fuel are very important for the game's progress. The game's old school graphics and a bit slow animation might be a slight disadvantage for today's players used to the high quality of most FPS games like Unreal, or Call of Duty the gameplay and action will easily make up for all that. So, if you're into old school gaming and like first person shooters, go ahead and try the game out. You won't be sorry.

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