Triumph! War 2099

Action 2001 Windows Military Science Fiction

Action and strategy game controlled arcade style

This game could have easily chosen to display the real time strategy action in a more advanced graphical setting, given that it was released in 2001, but frankly, the very simple and straightforward top down displaying of the action works so well in its favor, giving it the edge to stand out from the crowd. In the game you will need both strategic thinking but also twitch fast reflexes, as the game requires you trying to outmaneuver your opponent as well as beat them in the amount of damage done. The game has a sort of cartoonish edge to it, graphically, but that makes it by no means slower or more fastidious; quite on the contrary, the game simply puts such a devastating arsenal at your disposal that you will be completely immersed in the destruction and mayhem that is offered to you. At any rate, it is neither a shoot em all mayhem in which you need not think, quite on the contrary, it is a good idea to always keep lose guard over your troops, but then again, the action is furious. Give it a try and also play some of Total Mayhem, a game just as bent on total annihilation as this one here!

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