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First person future soccer with hover crafts; abysmal

In principle the game sounds like fun; take a futuristic hovercraft, a similar one and put a ball in between them. Then, ask the two combatants to mess about and try to score a goal. It is pretty interesting as it kind of envisions this future sport kind of thing and it makes for a fairly interesting kind of thing. But, no matter what, when you actually get to play it, you will so be at a loss. You can barely see where you're going, where the ball is, where the enemy is or what you are doing. It's such a mess that it almost makes your neurons shut down. Looks wise, it looks like some sort of botched 3D test application, with a square space for the ground and a murky blue for the sky. You get your view and that of the enemy, and let me tell you, you have almost no cues of where you might be at. Nope, it's a weird, not broken but design flawed thing. This kind of a game form a first person perspective is a hot mess at the most, and an abomination most of the time. Avoid, avoid, avoid! Play some Ball Race instead, in this one at least you know where you are and what you are trying to get accomplished!

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