Simulation 1984 Dos J.T. Chisholm Cards Casino

Early, ok black jack sim, with poor graphics

Released in the middle of the 80s, this blackjack sim offers just enough to keep you playing, you have your cards, the cards of the dealer and your betting console. Feel lucky, ask another card. Want to withdraw? Noting simpler, just press the right button. Graphically, the game is quite simple, with crude looking cards, and a black background. But, overall, the game is ok, and the odds also do not feel tilted in your favor. You might have wanted to use this sim to learn the game, back in the day, but today, with so many online options, some in which you can even bet real money, this game offers little to entice you to keep playing. At any rate, you do not feel as if you have any reason to play this, while at the same time, the game, for its time period, offered more than enough to keep you ensnared. So, why play it? Well, either because you might have played it in the past and have a need to return to your old classic, or, maybe, you feel like you need to explore the card sims developed in the past. Either way, BlackJack will offer itself, heart on its sleeves, simple, no bells, no whistles, just a crude sim game of blackjack, playable but not too appealing either

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