Blade Warrior

Action 1991 Dos Image Works Beat em up

Typical plot but good gamepley

It's is an arcade style side scrolling beating game where the plot is almost the same as you can find with other games in this category. Having said that, the gameplay is not a common one and has been designed based on a very good gaming engine. The plot in the game is that you set out to take on the monsters who create havoc at the night time, all the gameplay will involve battles in the night time. The night time details have been devised very well as they give a realistic twilight feel all around and the movements of the shadows and the effects of the light are also very good. The best thing in the game is that the player movement feels very realistic and so are the movements of the monsters. The gameplay involves you into the action pretty early and keeps you tagged in. The variety of weapons and slashing through blades is typical, but the controls to support these movements are very good. These swift controls really provide an engaging fun all the way. The A1 is also good because the monsters are not simple to kill. Well I have been more into one to one fighting games off late and therefore I would also recommend you to go for Tough Guy.

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