Choose an Enemy

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Russian Soft Humorous Beat em up

Worst fighting game ever?

Someone should have told the developers of this obscure little fighter that first person beat 'em ups are rarely a good idea. One only has to look at the likes of boxing sim TKO to see that the concept just doesn't work and Choose an Enemy is almost as poor as this aforementioned title. The basic goal is to protect your girlfriend from the unwelcome attentions of three dodgy looking geezers and which basically involves bashing them in the face until their teeth drop out. Each of the three opponents has different speed levels, so once you've chosen your enemy, it's time for the game to start. It's all played out in first person perspective, with the player having access to just three moves, left and right punches and dodge, so it's simply a question of whacking away at the Shift keys or the spacebar. Your goal is literally to knock all 32 of your opponent's teeth out without having your own ending up in a bag and if you can achieve this, then you move on to the next guy. The clear intention of the game was to provide a gritty and realistic fighting game but unfortunately it fails on just about every count. The woeful array of moves and inability to actually position yourself makes for an incredibly simplistic game and it soon becomes apparent that there is nothing more to it than whacking away at the keyboard. When you throw in the fact that there are only three opponents who don't really differ much other than in terms of appearance, you're left with a truly poor effort that is simply not worth your time. Stick with Street Fighter 2 or Renegade for real fighting games.

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