RPG 1992 Dos Dosbox Domark Isometric Fantasy

A very average RPG

It is an RPG game which though gave a unique combat theme but does not live up to the standards. The game has a somewhat obscure gameplay and is not in line with the smooth flow of action. The game uses a variety of different shadows of different things that are made due to the varying positions of the lights. Though the plot was unique but these shadows due to the inferior graphics make the battle quite frustrating as you cannot properly make out the levers. The idea was very creative but the developer lagged in implementing the right combination of gaming engine and the right use of color schemes in terms of the graphics. Similarly it does not give you much of a variety in the combat but the fantasy element is quite abundant. The UI has been again overshadowed by the inferior graphics. You need to be very compromising for playing this game and can still give you a good time to pass. The interface in the game is quite cumbersome and combats manage to do very little in rescuing this game from the oblivion. I have recently tried Final Battle and enjoyed its good graphics and gameplay.

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