Dark Ages 1 - The Continents

RPG 1997 Dos Mike Hoopmann Fantasy Adventure style

Great for an independent RPG, not too imaginative

Dark Ages 1 - The Continents is an independently produced game, one that tries to create a Zeldaesque experience, top down, with lots of exploration and lots of fighting. Technically it's a well polished game, pretty great really, one that has given a lot of thought to creating a game that doesn't stall. Also, what Dark Ages 1 - The Continents does is create a huge world, but, as you'd have it, it's not the most diverse of RPGs. That's because the encounters and, generally, the quests offer you kind of the same type of challenge, based on fighting and of reaching out a certain map location. But then again, it's clear from very early on that this is what the game is all about: classic, no frills, no nonsense exploration and fighting. If you're ok with this kind of thing, you're going to be alright, if, on the other hand, you're looking for something else, you're going to have a bad time. My alternative to this one would have to be, one of the DOS Zelda games and even some of the early FF games, though clearly, Dark Ages 1 - The Continents can be a fun enough a top down RPG with an action edge.

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