Super Bubsy

Arcade 1995 Windows Accolade Platformer Hop and bop

Bubsy the speedy and the acrobat!

Super Bubsy is a platformer game, rather in the vein of Sonic, speedy enough, but generally a little tamer than the caffeinated hedgehog. But, even so, it's a game that shares many of the elements with that SEGA classic; it's got a similar color palette as well as a similar build in terms of the level design, it's got a sweet well produced set of levels and, more than anything, it's got a proper, well built set of puzzles, even if the majority of time you'll want to speed through the level collecting as many of the coins, and getting as many of the points, by finishing the level fast. The levels are generally built around a central theme; spring, summer, water worlds, etc, and so, from level to level you get a consistently different array of backgrounds and foregrounds, which make the game feel distinct and unique in many ways. So, overall, Super Bubsy is a great platformer game, much aided by the great controls as well, which make it so much fun to plow through the levels, sometimes the ones that you've just completed in order to see if you can get a better score or a faster time. It's at times even better constructed than Sonic, which is definitely something that will please you, when you want something that feels like a Sega arcade/console game, but for the DOS/Windows environment.


Super Bubsy is a 1995 PC remake of a game that is actually called Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind, or just Bubsy and is the first in the Bubsy game series. The allusion to the famous movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" is not accidental and in the game you have to defend the planet's supply of yarn balls from alien invaders. This, graphics is an improved version of the game and it is identical to its original in its gameplay. You go around, collect coins and stomp on enemies to defeat them. Now, how is this game any different than all other popular platform games? It really isn't. Before the original came out, the whole community was hyped about this game, hoping it to be the next Sonic or Super Mario. But once out and played, it became evident that this game is a mediocre copy of the two aforementioned legends. That leaves us puzzled about why the developers would think this game would become any better in enhanced graphics. Sure, it's better to look at, but not better to play it. It's not bad; it's just that it's not that good. If you want yourself a good platform game, go play Super Mario. If you're tired of Super Mario, try Sonic. If you're done with that one too, then you can try this one out.

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