Commandos Strike Force

Strategy 2006 Windows Digital Game Factory War Role Playing Military Action Real time strategy

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Another spectacular war experience

Commandos Strike Force is a tactical shooter published by Eidos, one of my favorite videogame industry leader. This business began with the idea of two brothers, and since that time, everything is history. Its developer, Pyro Studios, stopped the extensive activity after the release of this game, and this was a really bad news among gamers that enjoyed the company's creative projects. In my opinion, Commandos Strike Force deserves to be compared to other similar popular games, such as Call of Duty or Medal of Honor. The action takes place during Word War II (in France, Norway, Russia) and the first person perspective allows you to control three characters: the Green Beret, the Sniper and the Spy. Without exaggeration, I can say this game is authentically absorbing, but not only because of his graphics. You will witness reactions to movement (breathing sounds), to actions (monologues, laughing), and you will have the chance to heal your comrades. The breakout of the alarm should be avoided as much as possible. The gameplay is very satisfactory and simplifies your process of killing enemies. For example, the feature of slow motion when using the sniper rifle gives you a good aim and helps you shoot efficiently. The stealth missions were my favorites, they raise your adrenaline, and you are able to kill by strangulation. There are enough reasons to check this one out!

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