Persian Wars

Strategy 2002 Windows 1C Company Empire management Alternate History War

Well produced medieval style RTS title

This real time strategy game will pit you in one of the two sides of the Roman Persian Wars, one of the longer conflicts in which the Persians found themselves caught during ancient times. This translates into a game where the technology of war of the era is exploited to the max and it means that you'll have to become a strategist both concerned with the economic as well as the tactical side. Don't worry though; the game will not burden you with no novel RTS concepts: economic growth is based exclusively on the harvesting and on the building of constructions, as so many titles before have done, and the number of resources or the best trees of growth aren't that many. Therefore, most of your game, after the economic and developmental portion is sorted will have to do with your ability to command your (rather small) armies and to gain advantage by using smarter battlefield tactics to get it all sorted. The game is not as permissive as the Cossacks series in terms of the number of units that can be present per conflict, but that won't hinder you, as the Persians have other tools of war at their disposal. Yap, elephants and other novel units are present, with boost for your morale and with sudden decreases in the morale of your enemy. So the game is worth a go at least for the fact that it pays some homage to the actual real world conflict, while also being quite frugal and classic in its RTS construction.

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