Blizzard Anthology

RPG 2000 Windows Blizzard Fantasy Real time Action based

Classic collection

If you've never been introduced to the superb output of developer Blizzard, then this is the perfect pack to pick up. It includes a nice set of some of their best known games which still stand up superbly well today. First out of the box is the original Diablo, the classic dungeon crawling adventure which has spawned a million imitators. It's a wonderful romp through a well realized fantasy world and which includes lots of hack 'n' slash adventure and all sorts of RPG goodness. Next up is a pair of Starcraft games, the original one plus the expansion pack Brood War. The base game is one of the finest RTS games around, thanks to its brilliant sci-fi storyline and complex, deep gameplay mechanics that provide superbly challenging gameplay. The add-on continues the story, with new campaigns as well as new units, maps and other goodies. The final game is Warcraft 2, which includes Tides of Darkness and Beyond the Dark Portal, and plays out like a fantasy version of the aforementioned Starcraft. It might look a little less than flashy these days, but the core gameplay remains as enthralling as ever, making it a genre classic. Any one of these games is worth adding to your collection but to have them bundled together is a fantastic way to get some absolute corkers in one fell swoop. Each game displays that Blizzard magic in every click of the mouse, whether it's the great visuals or clever gameplay mechanic, and it's no wonder that these are some of the most imitated games around. All in all, this is must have.

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