Warcraft 2: Beyond the Dark Portal

Strategy 1996 Dos Dosbox 3D Realms Entertainment Fantasy Real time Top down

Classic fantasy RTS

There are a lot of fantasy titles out there, but no one can really overpass Warcraft series, in term of originality. Beyond the Dark Portal is a strategy and a real time fantasy game which has a lot of fictitious elements typical of the Warcraft world. The plot is truly worth experiencing rather than just reading about and is too detailed for this short review. Leaving the plot and moving towards some of the prime features in the game, it is a classic war strategy game which involved dealing with a wide variety of enemies in the form of evil and warlords and you will use the help of different heroes who have their own traits and cons. The game is played from a top down view and has some good graphics which are very much aligned with reference to the theme of the game. The user interface is quite classic in the sense that it resembles with many top notch games of those times and is very easy to interpret. So you will be able to grip the gameplay quite easily and can easily exercise all the options in the gameplay. Moving further, the controls are also fine and the level designs features a lot of surprise elements. The strategy element is very good as the game features a very good A1 and is very competitive. Triple Conflict is the other game which I would recommend here as it is quire underrated.

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