Feeding Frenzy

Arcade 2004 Windows GameHouse Puzzle based Casual Action

A highly addictive arcade game

I love this game. At the same time it is such a simple game. It is about as addictive as a modern day Tetris. The goals are relatively simple. You start of as a small fish in the food chain, every other fish wants to eat you. You must eat enough smaller fish to progress and evolve to a bigger fish, where you can start eating; what was once your enemies as a larger fish in the food chain. You progress like this powering up your fish, the more fish you eat until you eventually reach the top of the food chain as a whale or a shark. There is something rather peaceful about this game, it is like watching an aquarium, all the fish and animation are very smooth and the sounds are great especially for an arcade game. It is unusual for an arcade game to start the level off hard and progressively get easier which is also a nice touch. This game was also ported to the Microsoft Xbox 360 as an arcade game combination when sold with the arcade console version of the Xbox 360. My biggest drawback was how short the game was, I completed the game in a couple of days, but I could not put the game down during that time. It is also a very repetitive game, with bonus stages and harder enemies being the only variation to gameplay as you progress. Once again it is a very addictive game, so if you start playing it, clear your plans for the weekend.

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