3D Monster Maze

Arcade 2002 Windows J.K. Greye Software Puzzle based

Good fun but bad graphics

It is an arcade style puzzle game which can really give you some bad night mares because the gameplay is very scary. The plot or the set of the game is a maze where you will be chased by a monster named rex who will be always be in search of your clues and steps to reach you and then eat you. The monster in the game is always on the go and there is no escaping from the maze. All you need to do is survival and deceiving the monsters in your footsteps. Apart from the plot and the very absorbing and engaging gameplay, the game is not much to talk about in terms of its graphics or the variety of options in the gameplay. The graphics of this game are very low on resolution and the details are quite obscure for the eye. Similarly the level designs are not that much diversified and the variety of things to do in the game is very small. The good thing here is that the controls are quite swift but nothing matches the great fun to be chased and chased in a no way out situation. The game is overall addictive to play and is better than games like Maze Wars which is affluent in variety.

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