Blood 2: the Choosen

Action 1998 Windows GT Interactive Shooter Horror Shooter action

Stunning, despite its age

Blood II: The Chosen is a shooter videogame with a first-person perspective, whose action unfolds in a threatening, scary and futuristic city. It has very good effects for the time of its release, and this is the first aspect that will impress you. The graphics are nice to look at and also to admire and the gameplay is fluent, fast, without problems concerning the control. Enemies that are killed will drop health kits and ammo, but you can also destroy objects to find hearts and other useful stuff for survival. You use dynamites, nightvision glasses, and various advanced weapons that make the action enjoyable and interesting: sniper rifles with zoom option, plasma rifles, shotguns and many more. Attention guys! You will also use a voodoo doll to defeat villains! Wow! In my opinion, that adds a large amount of fun, considering the fact that I don't remember using such weapon in any game. I have one complain, though: it has no music in the levels, like the first Blood game. When you approach certain people, like citizens, they talk to you, and you also mumble something with your rough voice. As the game advances, you will encounter enemies like monsters, insects, bugs that attach to your face and kill you fast. So, this game gets pretty serious. The missions are spectacular, diverse, the animations are great and everything is well-detailed. What are you waiting for? Download this badass game, immediately!

The sequel to the hit FPS Blood

Blood 2: The Chosen is the sequel to the hit FPS Blood. You play Caleb, a dark sinister man risen from the dead with a black trench coat a broad brimmed hat and glowing read eyes. One of this games main features its its violence level. Thus meaning, if your a fan of gore, this is the game for you. Its fast pace and gory action will keep you on the edge of your seat, let alone the gripping storyline that tells it. All in all, if your a blood thirsty, humor loving fan, this game is for you.

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