Blue Force

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Tsunami Media Third Person

Disappointing and cliched

Blue Force is a detective adventure game released in 1993 by Tsunami Media, where you play as a cop named Jake Ryan. His mission is to investigate his father's murder, which is a case that remained unsolved. The graphics lack of some details, but they are well designed. The characters animations based on movements and other gestures are pretty realistic. The arrests you have to perform require backup code calls, but this depends on the case. After arresting the bad guys, you have to lead them to jail, investigate for evidences and make reports of your research. If you don't perform your objectives correctly, you will be disregarded. The actions are chosen from a badge that appears on the screen with items surrounding it. I will complain now about the whole gameplay, which was far too easy. That's why I recommend you not to buy this game, because your money will be thrown for a few hours of playing. Well, you're welcome! I was also disappointed about the unoriginal story, ok, I am sorry about the death of the main character's parent, but, this is a common cliche. We want something new, people! This is an old point-and-click adventure that surely was appreciated when it first came out, but nowadays it will probably be skipped, mostly because it's not meeting the currently standards anymore.

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