Adventure 1994 Dos Dosbox Microprose Third Person Point and click Fantasy

A colorful fantasy world!

While this is the kind of game you would expect, when considering the 90s era of adventures, still it manages to have just enough originality to stand apart from the rest of games, the ones that play in a similar style. It kind of plays like an adventure in a fairyland, as there is lots of story chunks to get exposed to, and the regular kingdom in distress looking for a hero, is a bit more downplayed, which is why the game is so nice. At any rate, don't get me wrong, the game will, classically, begin with a king in need of your help, but, from there on, the game will twist and turn to create a plot line that has more to do with more original games such as The Longest Journey than with the loads and loads of savior of worlds trope games of the era. The fantasy land in which you'll be running about is very colorful and very interesting, and the controls and general feel of the game makes it highly playable, and original. Especially if you love colorful cartoon worlds, you'll feel right at home in this one too. So, for adventurers that love colorful fantasy lands, this one game offers just that, in a blend that is highly original and enticing.

A lot of Surprises, twists and a lot of fun

When it was released in 1994 it gained a lot of popularity. Now I can understand the reason. It's a great puzzle game with a lot of adventure. It was developed by MicroPorse and released by Atari. This single player game has a decent story. You have to start a quest to save the world. It is not like Fallout type game; rather it's a game with fresh story and intelligent puzzle. There are a lot of puzzles to be solved in this game. You need to think smartly and move smartly. The graphics is excellent and sound quality is also great. With a time limit you have to solve all the puzzles. The king of Callahach must save the kingdom. There thousands of death will be waiting for him. You have to overcome the black magic, puzzles etc. Using the plot you have to play the game. The levels are time limited so you have to play within time. It is a nice game that you will love to play. You have to concentrate on the game to solve the puzzle. Overall it is a good game with some nice plots. Try this game. You will like it.

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