Kronolog - The Nazi Paradox

Adventure 1993 Dos Castleworks Third Person Thriller

How would the world be like if Hitler had won the war?

This is an adventure game that asks a very pertinent and intensely discussed idea: what if Germany hadn't lost the war and Hitler managed to still be in power? How would the destiny of humanity be shaped and look like today? Well, it sure doesn't look pretty! Take the seminal novel 1984, double it down, and you'll get an answer. Or, play this alright adventure and you'll stumble upon some ideas as well. The game, storywise, as I said, presents a different political view on how the World War could have went, but from a very individualistic point of view, which makes this game really stand out. Thus, Kronolog - The Nazi Paradox aka Red Hell is the kind of product that will offer you the chance to day dream, at least until you get frustrated by the rather clunky interface. Yep, all the issues of adventure games clog this one as well, unfortunately! Thus, you can't really have a lot of fun with it, because the game just drags, mechanically, it just puts a lot of pressure on you. So, thus, Kronolog - The Nazi Paradox aka Red Hell is an alright game, storywise, but execution wise it sure could have been better, unfortunately. A similar adventure? One of the Police Quest games should do, though theme wise they sure will be different.

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