Der Schatz im Silbersee

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Linel Third Person

Good adventure but simple puzzles

It is an adventure game based on the novel of a German author which describes the adventures of different people as they set out in search of a treasure. So you will play one of the treasure hunters in the game and you are accompanied by some other adventurers as well. You also have an opponent group in the game which is a bit wicked and is not willing to share in case if they reach the treasure before you do. The adventure element in the game is quite diverse because you will be gong thorough different terrains and places which includes, rivers, jungles, mountains etc. and every new place has some obstacles and challenges ready for you. The game also involves a lot of puzzles but they are not tough enough to excite you. It is a point and click adventure which has inventory based puzzles and role playing elements as well. Every venue or scenario in the game has been very well designed with some very good graphics and some very good backgrounds. The A1 is perfect because it really indulges you in the gameplay. The controls are also good and the user interface is very interactive from the word go. Day of the Tentacle is another game which I will ask you to play because it has a lot of adventure and a mix of other genres as well.

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