Beverly Hillbillies, The

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Synergistic Software Third Person

What it feels to be blackmailed, in adventure form

The Beverly Hillbillies is a graphical adventure game, which poses a serious question: what does it mean (and what does it do to one), to be blackmailed? In order to explore this theme, the game, to its advantage, tells a highly intricate story of a man that has amassed wealth, maybe not in the most honest of ways. Thus, he has his past to haunt him for quite a good while, and it ultimately happens. Graphically this is a game that can easily be said to be beautiful, with nice 2D backgrounds and well done animated characters. The style is a clean European one, well drawn and also, very well detailed. The Beverly Hillbillies is a great game, without a doubt, one that both plays well, interactively, but also tells a story that is very particular and very unexpected. Being a victim is not always a single sided thing, not at all, it can be quite a dramatic and intricate juxtaposition of elements and the game, uncannily so, exposes that reality beautifully. Download Shadow of the Comet along with this one too, a good alternative as well.

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