Ringworld: Revenge of the Patriarch

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Tsunami Media Science Fiction Third Person

Nice try, Niven fans

Originally, Ringworld is a Nebula prize winner novel by author Larry Niven and is considered a classic in science fiction literature. A novel of that quality only deserves the best, so it is a shame that this game adaptation is much less than that. You play a character that is not in the book, a human called Quinn, and you have to bring an info disc to the novel's hero, Louis Wu. This simple delivery soon turn into a adventure of violence, intrigue and, ultimately, boredom. The game is not bad but players who are familiar with the novel won't feel at home, always feeling the disappointment of seeing such a great book in such a mediocre game. The puzzles are not very interesting and sometimes absolutely ridiculous. The game looks very good though, with rich coloring and depth of texture, unfortunately without voice acting but with a nice soundtrack. My opinion is that you skip this one out unless you are a real hardcore fan of Niven's work and you really want to play something related to that. Even then, I suggest you better play the game's sequel,Return to Ringworld, which is a bit better than this one.

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