OverKill - The Six Planet Mega-Blast

Arcade 1992 Dos Epic MegaGames Vertical shooter Flight shooter

Arcade style action shooter

It is a flight shooter game involving the space world. The plot here is that you have been living in space and was far off on a journey. As you have now returned to your planet, you are rattled to see that there is nothing but destruction which has been brought by an evil alien race as they kill the inhabitants for pleasure. Driven with anger and emotions, you set of to take revenge and bring the same chaos upon them. Your ultimate target in the game is the battle star, but before you can get your hands on him, you will go through enemy filled planets and will engage in many shooter battles in your spaceships. The action in the game has been diversified with the use of sophisticated weapons which you can buy at various levels. You can also refuel your spaceships and customize its parts. The level deigns in the game are extensive and every level is distinct and tough as compared to the other. The graphics are pretty average but the gameplay is superb. Similarly the controls are well calibrated for shooting actions and you will simply get addicted to them. Zone 66 is another good arcade fighting game.

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