Arcade 1991 Dos Dosbox Seibu Kaihatsu Vertical shooter Flight shooter

A fantastic shooter game

Raiden is a fantastic scrolling shooter action game where you are in charge of saving the world from an alien invasion. There is nothing new in terms of gameplay for this kind of game - in your Raiden aircraft, you blow buildings, robots, other aircrafts and enemies up, destroy the bad guys, get powerups and fight bosses at the end of every level. After you finish the game after 8 missions, you can play the game again from the beginning, now with even more challenge. What makes this game better than most of the genre is the fantastic animation and speed of the game, since it is highly dynamic. It's also very action packed, so players with the wish to some extreme explosions won't be disappointed. The game is very challenging, so I wouldn't recommend the game for novice players unless they want a really hard time playing. The graphics are amazing and the sound system stand out even more than the visuals. If you like action games, I suggest you give the game a shot and after that, try out the game's sequel, Raiden 2.

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