Crusher Castle 2

Arcade 1995 Dos William Soleau Puzzle based Strategic scope

Puzzle, RPG, logic game mashup

Crusher Castle 2 is a combination of box pushing puzzler with a few well integrated RPG elements as well as a need to approach it logically and calculatedly. You see each new map from above and there you have to make your way to different objectives, but of course, between you and the objectives you need to find your way towards there are enemies, which need to be carefully avoided. Your approach has to take into consideration both the closest trajectory as well as the trajectory that has the least amount of monsters in between. Also, while you can push the boulders on the level around, and can also destroy them, you can only destroy so many of them, so you have to consider how to manage the game as a puzzler. Given the size of the levels, there is also a level of unknown to it, so, that adds to the enjoyment of each level. Graphically it's all a very simple and clean business, with no more than 2 to three colors on screen, which helps because you never get too much to distract you. You can also play Boulderoid for a similarly themed game, though the Crusher Castle series is a bit more feature rich and more diverse.

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