The Terminator

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Bethesda Softworks Robots First Person

Finding Sarah Connor in...wireframe dreamland!

Okay, this game is not a first person shooter quite in wireframe graphics, the sparse geometry of its world had indeed received a bit of color too! But nevertheless, The Terminator is just as otherworldly as many other games that tried to be 3D in that time frame. Also, if you've seen The Terminator movie, you'd expect a bit of that dark theme to lurk all over, but no, not in this one. In this one the world is so colorful and so basic DOS color, that it is even stranger! But, at any rate, while the otherworldliness can be a question of taste, and in any case, an additive feature nonetheless, the gameplay is fairly and squarely as adequate as you'd imagine from this type of product. It's well rounded, well produced, but ultimately a bit too lacking in nuance. You feel as if you're driving one of those tank sims from the same era, rather than be a bodied presence. But as I said, it's playable, it's got its weird feel and its minimalist graphics but it's playable and fun nonetheless. So surely, give it a go. It will so not disappoint, but don't come expecting too much!

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