Bouncing Babies

Arcade 1984 Dos Dosbox Dave Baskin Epic Strategic scope Casual

Stretcher manipulator...arcade game!

This game sure has a strange name, especially for that which it allows you to do, which is, very simply, to manipulate a stretcher so as to save the falling babies. What a weird little idea. It reminded me of the era when the portable Game and Watch consoles from Nintendo had ruled the market, where you had to catch eggs, avoid debris, bullets, and what have you. That time waster idea, which in truth is quite interesting and enticing for short amounts of time is what this game offers here too. Sure, it is a little creepy that you have to save babies, of all things, but nonetheless, it is a game that does it well enough, that does it in a very cool manner. So, at any rate, Bouncing Babies doesn't really fit those that want to get a very sophisticated kick out of a timewaster, but if you want to reminisce those times when simplicity was king and when you didn't need a lot to be entertained, there you have it, a game that does just that, and does it very well. Graphically it's the early days of Magenta DOS 8 bit, which some will like and some will not like as much. Anyways, download a Breakout clone to use as dressing and prepare for a very nice escapade in gaming!

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