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Arcade minigames bundle set in a pub!

While at first I thought that this was a collection of casino games that are set in a bar, well, that was not the case; what this game recreates is the interactions to be found in a pub/bar, set as minigames; there are filling of mugs with beer minigames, games that simulate/replicate waitering and a few other abstract little interactive games that, well are more or less left to your imagination to figure out what they want to simulate. At any rate, the games are generally based on managing a sliding lines to a certain point on it, very simple and very immediate, nothing too complicated. While I can see this played while you're in an altered state, I couldn't really say that this is very compelling or very long lived experience. Because the games, even if simulating something else, they basically reduce interaction to a very simple set of steps. At any rate, those that love reflex and timing games might like it, though surely, little else except for the mechanics is compelling enough to be worth a playthrough. I'd suggest you give Circus Games a go, as this is a much more diverse bundle.

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