Puzzle 1994 Dos HomeBrew Software Brainteaser

A numbers game!

BrainStorm is a math based puzzler that can be played against up to 3 virtual players, or fewer. Also, it can be played in hot seat mode against human players, and, also, you can choose to play to learn, without having your parties monitored. Furthermore, BrainStorm is a pretty cool math exercise kind of puzzler as it is heavily influenced by math; the 8x8 Chess like grid on which the game takes place is filled with positive and negative numbers and you have to choose a set of numbers so that the framed numbers ( marked in red on the grid) will aid in increasing their score. Each player takes a turn. So, you have to both look to increase your score, while also looking to make your opponent lose. Depending on the number of players the game changes a little, but the gist of it is the same no matter how many players play. The game also will allow you to enter your name, so you can play against your own score, or against other players' scores. Cool, relaxing, graphically alright, yet not too great, it's a nice math based puzzler worth looking into.

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