Battle Chess Special Edition

Simulation 1994 Dos Interplay Chess Turn based Strategy

4 Battle Chess titles into one

This is a bundle that contains the original Battle Chess, the second game in the series, as well as Battle Chess 4000. Thus, for those that loved the series it sure is a treat, especially in the GOG version which comes with extras and, of course, has already has the games running and optimized for modern OSes. So, why should you care for this series of chess games, then? Well, for starters because it packs a lot of extras, from the first title onwards. What I mean is of course, loads of chess sets as well as great tables and, for the most part a challenging AI that got better with each subsequent release. Thus, Battle Chess Special Edition is a very playable set of chess games still, a series that made use of graphical gimmickry to attract people to the game, but which, nonetheless created a very sturdy array of chess games, without question. So, you know how chess plays, it's a tabletop turn based game; won't say more, because if you don't know the basics the games will tutor you and then even manage to put a really good fight, on different levels of difficulty to see you entertained. Try it out, it's a timeless set of classic and fun chess games.

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