Game of Life

Puzzle 1992 Dos Linel Brainteaser

Strange combination of strategy, puzzle, action and more

Game of Life is a really impressive game if you consider its ultimate goals, which were to simulate the development of natural life and civilization. It packed all this through very familiar gameplay methods, strategy, action sequences, puzzles and some other such easy and familiar gameplay mechanics, but its ultimate goal was to showcase the evolution of life. But the simplified, abstracted way in which it does it is sure testament to its originality and lack of prejudice. Surely, you're going to enjoy some of the minigames more than others, and generally, you'll be familiar with some of the gameplay mechanics from standalone puzzlers, or from some strategy game or from whatever action game you were fond of in the 90s or even earlier in the late 80s. Surely not for everyone, as the graphical presentation is not the best one ever, but nonetheless, Game of Life is not a bad looking game, quite on the contrary it offers enough graphical oomph to be worthy trying. Alternatively though, if you are looking for a more advanced game, see Sim Life, which is a bit more colorful and a lot more complex in not so abstract ways.

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