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Line them all, clockwise!

Clockwiser is a puzzler game, whose main idea is that you have to line a series of pictures to the right formation, and, in doing that, you have to make sure that you align them properly, while having some restrictions. The bits of the puzzle rotate and can move around, and you have to find the right sequence of moves that will get the picture aligned correctly. Thus, you can either fumble around, until you've learned the basics, and then you can think the game more in strategic terms, diminishing the number of total moves you have to get done. All in all, Clockwiser is a cool, well worthy game, very well produced and also very expansive, with lots of minipuzzles, all based on the same mechanic. Also, what you will like are graphics, in top down puzzler 2D, with cool colors and an overall well chosen set of colors. So, all in all, Clockwiser is a very well produced game, very satisfying to play and, also, very easy to controls, via keyboard or mouse. Similarly, download Quantik, another tile based puzzler, also a very engaging one to play.

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