Seven Years War

Strategy 1998 Windows CDV Historical Real time

Simple, easy and fun

Another nice historical strategy game, this one set in the Seven Years war, a very gruesome war between Japan and Korea, in which the Japanese killed over one third of the Korean population. Since I am a sucker for Oriental stuff, I really like this concept, and the fact that all the buildings and other features are faithful to the 16th century Asia environment. I also like that the game is not very demanding - you don't have to worry about wood, ore and other resources needed for building, but only about food for your population. What's also very neat is the change of weather and seasons, as well as passage of day and night. You can experience war from the both sides, so you can choose a campaign from the both Japanese and Korean side of view. The gameplay is also pretty simple and not too complex - this game is perfect for strategy novices. I also liked the game's graphics and user panel, it's very nicely organized and practical. I liked the games soundtrack too, as it's very fitting to the game. This game is not exceptional, and by its looks it really a WarCraft clone, but it's still a good strategy game and a nice chill out game for strategy lovers who are looking for a game that will give them the entertainment they need without breaking a sweat crunching their brains to play it.

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