Modem Wars

Strategy 1988 Dos Ozark Softscape Organized forces Science Fiction

A lovely if minimalist strategy game

The way this game was advertised focused heavily on its, at the time, very modern and not that common ability to sustain modem multiplayer games. This was its thing! Which, by all standards, today, no longer can be considered something revolutionary! Nor does it allow internet enabled play today, unless you're some genius programmer and manage to produce a module to allow it to connect with other modern PCs. But, no matter, there is also a single player campaign, which, while not that expansive, it is still a lot more than just a single player campaign meant to familiarize you with the game, so, at least for that it deserves a honorary mention. At any rate, for all intents and purposes Modem Wars looks and feels like a ZX Spectrum game, poor choice of colors, rather simple and weird looking graphics, a bit too much for me, in all honesty to say that I enjoyed it. I mean, really, if you were going to release a minimalist 8bit strategy game in the late 80s, keep to the standards: black and white and maybe a third color, no need for a visual explosion! So, I say, download Syndicate Wars instead. Released the very same year, yet thousandfolds better!

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