Breach 3

Strategy 1995 Windows Impressions Games Organized forces Science Fiction

Intense mathematically, but poor as a game tactics sim

As many other games set to create an interesting strategy blend, of tactics and other elements, this too makes the sin of having a mathematical core that might be rather well executed. However, when it comes to playing the game, you are left with a list of sparse interactions, that require too much fiddling and too much swapping through menus, while the result that you end up with might not even be worthwhile. Thus, while the inner workings of the game might have been ok, if used in a more friendly to play game, Breach 3 is by no means capable of keeping it up. It just doesn't allow you to sink into it and it doesn't seem too eager to please a player. Graphically, the interfaces make sense, in regard to the underlying motor of the game, but nevertheless, you don't get a game that you'll consider too play worthy or too ergonomic. So, even if the game is the third in its series, it still doesn't manage to produce a good enough result to stand out. Only the most selfless players will find this one appealing, as it does indeed requires you flail your common sense to find good enough a reason to invest your time in it.

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