The New Zealand Story

Action 1989 Amiga Taito Platformer

Platformer with colorful graphics and a Kiwi protagonist

Apart from the fact that the protagonist of this side scroller/platformer is a Kiwi bird (although you'd be hard pressed to guess it just by looking at it), the game plays as less puzzle intensive Dizzy game. You control your bird through the semi-open environments in search of the exit and sometimes for keys or other trinkets to unlock the exit to the level. You will have to dodge your opponents, to make difficult jumps and to locate different objects that are generally hidden in the upper portions of each level. This game is very easy, and coupled with the colorful and cartoonish graphics, it still can be a kids favorite. Just don't expect a lot of challenge, the most you're going to get is a very lean difficulty curve increase, but nothing to really challenge you. In many ways the game plays like the NES and the Gameboy Kirby games, except for the more interesting swallowing and spitting of enemies or stealing of powers. So, with that in mind, if you're looking for an old DOS game that is simple and enjoyable for little children, this might be it, but if you want more challenge in a platformer, skip this one and go for The Lost Vikings series.

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