Age of Rifles 1846 - 1905

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The Mexican and the Russo Japanese war, 1846 and 1905

I love the meta attitude in the title of this game; in a way it sure it fits it, because indeed, much of the tactical bits in it have to do with the game's field operations, which are based on ground troops operations; What I mean by that is that Age of Rifles 1846 – 1905 offers us a really well thought out display of the evolution of ground units between the mid 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Gameplay wise we'll be occupied with the many scenarios that are available, focused on the Mexican war of the 1846 age up to the 1905 war, between the Japanese and the Russians. If you feel like tinkering and don't mind the game's oldschool graphical potency, then you may also feel like going in for a bit of editing of your very own scenarios and missions, though the ones available should really keep you occupied for quite a while. Anyway, if hex based, ground unit warfare is what you're looking for, Age of Rifles 1846 1905 sure offers a lot, for medium to hardcore turn based strategy gamers. As an alternative, any of the Panzer General games can do a good job along the same mechanical gameplay lines of Age of Rifles.

Relive The 19th Century Conflicts

Age of Rifles is a turn based strategy game developed and published by Strategic Simulations Inc., who also developed the Panzer General game series. The game simulates battle that took place between the years 1846 and 1905, Age of Rifles mostly feels like one them tactical war board games, due to how the units are displayed. They actually look like pieces from a board game. In term of gameplay, the game feels like Panzer General, but with a few differences. On of them is that your infantry units can now attack from afar, without being adjacent to the enemy units, however this mostly results in less damage. Another feature is that when an enemy unit is killed/destroyed, it stays that way and the corpses will become part of the "board".

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