Micro Machines

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Have fun racing tiny cars!

I love Micro Machines, this is a truly fun racing game that was innovative and unique. Even while most kids grow out of the Micro Machine toy car range from an early age, the video game can be enjoyed by all ages and acts as an excellent marketing tool to reignite an interest in the car range, for older kids and adults. In the game you get to race different types of cars around each level. Each level feels unique, well built and always resembles something in the home. You get to race cars around a work desk, the theme consists of pencils, erasers, staplers etc. You get to race boats around a bathtub. Each level is fun and different, the racing style never gets boring. Every micro machine game released has been especially fun because of the multiplayer. The sequels including Micro Machines V3 build on this first release Micro Machine game, so this is a classic example of great retro gaming and the programmers have put a lot of effort into programming this game well. The top down racing view, has since seemed to have disappeared since the 90's and Micro Machines reminds me of very similar gameplay to Death Rally and Grand Theft Auto 2. A classic racing game that is fun by anyone's standards! The only drawback I have is that you will probably crash a lot and run off the road and some of the levels get very hard, but this makes the game very challenging for older players and still a lot of fun when you get the hang of driving.

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