Flesh Feast

Action 1997 Windows SEGA Isometric Third Person

Poor in every aspect

Flesh Feast is an action horror game published in 1997 by SegaSoft Inc. The title of the game says everything, namely zombies. Beside the objectives of killing them and the dominating gore, I saw nothing special in this game, and it's not because I simply hate zombies. Well, I don't hate them because they scare me - not at all. They simply bore me. Now, enough with my preferences and let's talk about this game. The action takes place on an island, in three locations, where you have to complete four levels. In these areas you must control some players in their way to survive the zombies. In the attempt of eliminating the huge crowd of undead, you will use weapons like golf clubs, chainsaws, and sub-machine guns. They can be found while you explore the areas and as you progress. The graphics are poor, so they aren't anything to shout about. Beside killing zombies and collecting weapons, the gameplay also implies looking for exits, and finding keycards. This game could have been enjoyable with its two modes available, the direct and the strategic one, but it kind of failed from this point of view. So, almost everything in Flesh Feast is poor. I will indulgently give it a 3 out of 5 stars. Indulgently, as usual, yes.

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