Firo & Klawd

Action 1997 Windows BMG Interactive Isometric Third Person

Who put that fake money all over town?

Firo & Klawd is an odd action adventure game in which you can take the role of either the ape Firo or the cat Klawd in an investigation of uncovering the identity of the person or people who has been distributing fake money around the city. The game is one of the first to start using diverging paths in the levels, so the replay value is pretty high, but the character eventually ends up in the same place nevertheless. Basically, there are eight places you can explore at any order you wish, and the level is consisting of shooting and killing the Mob members that are distributing the fake money, while trying to get to the bottom of it all. Both Firo and Klawd have their advantages and dissatvantages in the game and you can change your character mid-game with a simple push of a button. Accuracy and killing streaks are both very important to the scoring system. When you take it into simplest pieces, Firo and Klawd is a charming action shooter game. The game's graphics are neat and cartoonish like, and the camera is set into an isometric view for you pleasure. I personally liked it pretty much, but I wouldn't call it revolutionary or fantastic, but it is pretty good and I recommend it.

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