Bugs Bunny Cartoon Workshop

Puzzle 1990 Dos Hi-Tech Expressions Cartoon Animals

A cartoon making bundle; lite yet fun and educational

Bugs Bunny Cartoon Workshop is one of the better game/educational bundle/pack to create animations and pictures, that is, as the name suggests based on the Bugs Bunny universe and the characters that inhabit it. So, for the most part, Bugs Bunny Cartoon Workshop has the following build; you set your frame, put the backgrounds in (you can also import graphical assets too) and then you move on to the next frame. You can choose to keep the background or operate changes it in, but you want to animate your foreground characters. At any rate, it educates you on regards to what computer animations entail and for kids it can be a great early day tool to give them a creative edge. But, you know, you have to take it with a grain of salt, the educational value of this. At the very least it's easy to interact with, and it has all the elements that a (very!) lite animation package would have. Else, for serious animation work, coding and game design, Adventure Game Studio is the professional bedroom game developer's dream package!

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