Pac in Time

Arcade 1994 Dos Dosbox Mindscape Platformer Humorous Cartoon

Hillarious, fun and exciting!

Pac in Time is a hilarious platformer game that will probably keep you occupied for hours since you first turn it on. What makes this Pac-man variation game so funny and fun? Well, imagine your favorite yellow chacarter, Pac, set in an Indiana Jones. Gloves, smile, whip, the works? Doesn't it bring a huge grin on your face? Now imagine playing such a game. Not only will you laughing your arse off most of the time but you'll also be having a time of your life. So, in this game, our main hero has been thrown back in time to when he was a boy and due to a witch's spell, everything he has ever loved and cherished will now turn back against him. To finally get home, he must traverse this land and reach the castle, where a time portal to his home lies. Will he make it? Each level has something new and interesting thrown at you and each situation is more hilarious than the last one. The graphics fit the mood perfectly - bright colors and funny character are in perfect accordance with our Pac and his always optimistic nature. The game is probably best suited for children who love our dear Pac but grown ups will probably also be wanting to give the game a shot because this is a fun experience for the whole family. Have fun!

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