Capitalism Plus

Simulation 1996 Windows Interactive Magic Trade or management Tycoon style Strategy Managerial

Involves good business tactics

Capitalism + is a very complex and exciting business simulation game which is supported by a lot of interesting features which are a must to experience for all simulation lovers. It's not for the ones who are not good at decision making because the game is all about effective decision making and rationality. In terms of the gameplay, the game is very diverse. The plot is an obvious one where you have to build up your business and enhance your fortunes and resources. Simulation games always require a good A1 or the competitor computer and this game gives you exactly that. You will have to carry out purchases, sales and manufacturing for which you will have to make good decisions. The factors that need to be taken care of is the quality of different products that you need to buy or the ones you manufacture, the stock of items or the profit and loss margin. Similarly you will also have to work on the efficiency of your employees. Every step that you will take will affect your business empire. Though you can also acquire shares of different companies, but you will also have to consider building the infrastructure of your business regime by building new manufacturing units and stores etc. The graphics are a good and so is the user interface. Capitalism 2, the second game, is a good member of this series and is also worth if you are going to like the first Capitalism game.

Cool business sim game

Try to manage your business and become rich. Not quite simple, though, because you have to manage everything, from purchasing, manufacturing, selling, etc. It feels like we have our own firms. We will play against computer AI. Don't forget to keep an eye on the products quality, the stock of items that we have, the profits or loss we got, and the employees. The quality of employees are important. It's very difficult to be a successfull businessman, if you play this game for the first time, even though you choose the very-easy-mode. You can try to buy another company's shares once you have money, but don't forget to increase your own firm by building new factories or department stores. The music is pretty nice.

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