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Capone like, much less engaging though

First person shooter games, in that sweet style of a shooting gallery, with both enemies and civilians that pop from the windows and so on, is a cool genre. However, you can't just spawn enemies that look and behave the same, on streets that look and feel the same without some problems arising from it all. And that problem, in a word is called boredom. Because, unlike Capone, which, for all intents and purposes was much more diverse, this one showcases all of its wildcards and all of its content from the first few minutes, and then nothing else is on offer. So, as you'd expect, Prohibition is a pretty short lived experience. If you have love for the genre, give it a few minutes of your time, but don't expect it to last after that initial acquaintance. Nope, after its first few minutes it gets old. So, yeah, magenta heavy CGA graphics without too much detail abound, the enemies are but two or three in type, and the game is quite short. Prohibition? Nope, not even prohibition could make this one be wanted more!

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