The Untouchables

Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Ocean Gangster Platformer

Standard movie tie-in

Legendary 1980s software house Ocean was known primarily for their arcade conversions and their licensed tie-ins and while some were great (Robocop) there were too many which followed a strict formula and were just plain terrible (Highlander). Unfortunately, while some versions of the Untouchables aren't too bad, the PC version is strictly average, with ropey graphics, overly frustrating gameplay and a lack of any real connection to the source material. The game is loosely based on the Kevin Costner movie of the same name and sees players jumping into the shoes of Elliot Ness and his associates, as they try to take down Al Capone and his mobster gangs. Gameplay takes Ocean's traditional approach to tie-ins, being a combination of side scrolling shooter and platformer, with occasional 3D levels thrown into the mix as you take to the alleys and stations for more intense shoot-outs in a style similar to Operation Wolf. There are a few weapons and pickups to be collected here and there, with the shotgun and Tommy gun adding some fun but a greater variety wouldn't have gone amiss. The Untouchables isn't terrible, but it is by means a classic. The side scrolling levels are the least interesting and don't really feel like they belong, but the 3D shoot-outs are more fun and do at least resemble scenes from the movie. The graphics aren't great, with a particularly wobbly looking Elliot Ness, but are at least colourful and chunky and with some smooth animation. As licensed games go, this isn't the worst (E.T. anyone?) and is certainly fun if you're after some fast paced action, but it does get frustrating and offers only limited entertainment value.

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